27 thoughts on “Down With This Sort Of Thing”

  1. It’s a reference to an Irish TV show about 3 Priests who live on a rural Island called Father Ted,
    The reference is to an episode in which the Priests protest an erotic movie being shown at the cinema, making it more popular as a result, their placcards say Down With This Sort Of Thing and Careful Now
    You’ll find it on youtube!

  2. Fool! Your life a waste! All life a waste! The genie is out of the bottle! Duck and Cover! Duck and Cover! The Americans are coming! Duck and Cover! Even the mighty U.S.S.R. couldn’t make life endurable, at least the morphine and her wicked sister Heroin can keep the pain back for now! Fool! Put the placard down! Make love to a girl! Any girl, pretty is a relative thing! ?Drink wine while you can! Drink deep, love her the same way! The placard has no hips, no soft lips, no breasts, no heart! Live for today is all you have! The genie is out of the bottle!

  3. This sign has become somthing of a clice in ireland these days. With father ted being so popular and the students now up in arms over the possibility of fees this sign has become a mainstay of protests.

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