Airport Musical

This is a viral marketing video promoting some sort of theatre ticket website in London. It seems like they wanted to capitalize on the success of Improv Everywhere’s Food Court Musical video, which went viral about a month before this was filmed. Improv Everywhere was not the first to stage a musical in a public place (see: Prangstgrüp’s “Reach!” for an earlier example,) but there are a couple of things in this video that were directly taken from Food Court Musical, most obviously the appearance of a threatening security guard who then surprises everyone by singing as well.

Food Court Musical:

(also available on YouTube)
song by Scott Brown and Anthony King
arranged by Jamie Laboz

11 thoughts on “Airport Musical”

  1. Far out. I’m too scared to run, let alone hide cameras and put on a musical, in our airports these days. Gunshot Wounds hurt apparently.

  2. Very cool. I just flew out of Stansted a few weeks ago, so I relate (there really are people sleeping on the floor everywhere).

  3. from what i saw, absolutely nothing was illegal, nor would anything they did get them shot in any way… the only thing that would/could have happened is the TSA (or w/e the british equivalent is) would escort them out of the airport. and i say this as an airport employee.

  4. So sad. Its fine if your inspired by someone else, but this steals the idea almost identically. Maybe Improv Everywhere was involved? If not thats really bad form. Its like a stand up comedian going and doing a Jerry Seinfeld monologue as his own. Just sad.

  5. Not as good as the original, but a very amusing and well-choreographed musical. I think that IE needs a Food Court Musical 2, which will hopefully transform into Food Court Musical 3, which will of course be the end of the trilogy that plays on the big screen. ;D

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