Depressed ATM

Artist Bob Snead built a talking ATM which he installs without authorization in public places. He writes:

I took ATM out on the town for several different occasions to all of the typical suburban shopping centers around New Haven, CT and Boston, MA. So this video cuts from suburbaneers’ view, ATM’s view, and a spy view.

I got a ticket from the 5-0h for these “performances”! When we were removing the ATM from the Target parking lot, there were several 9-11 calls made. Apparently people thought we were stealing an ATM. They didn’t realize we were saving him. I think he would have committed suicide had we not been there.

4 thoughts on “Depressed ATM”

  1. Awww I feel for this ATM, I’m glad he/it never does ask for a card to be entered, that might be a bad can of worms to be opened.

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