Idea Vending Machine

Vending machine for ideas

Jake Bronstein recently bought a toy vending machine off the Internet. He filled the toy capsules with ideas of fun things to do and started placing the machine in various spots around New York. For 50 cents you get the original toy, an idea, and a map to guide you to the location for your idea. Each capsule also contains a quarter, refunding half of your purchase price (the machine wouldn’t let him charge less than 50 cents.)

More info: Meet The Fun-O-Meter at Zoomdoggle

14 thoughts on “Idea Vending Machine”

  1. So I leave right next to this bodega on the LES, and after seeing the post about it in Boingboing earlier this week, I decided to walk over this weekend and snag me an idea or two. Sadly, they’ve since pulled the machine. So I guess no more new ideas for awhile…

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