IKEA Dinner Party

Rob Cockerham from Cockeyed recently helped stage a dinner party in a Sacramento Ikea.

He writes:

Oh! Those IKEA room displays! Entire rooms full of furniture, lighting, rugs and notions. Any one of those rooms would be a great place to sit and entertain friends. They look so comfortable and inviting!

It was an invitation that Jason Adair couldn’t pass up. He decided to have a Fancy Dress Party at IKEA.

Rob’s video is below:

7 thoughts on “IKEA Dinner Party”

  1. My best friend and I were thrown out of an IKEA for the very same thing…10 years ago.

  2. It makes me want to run to the Paris Ikea and start washing dishes!

    I wish I were thrown out of Ikea for this sort of thing everyday!

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