Meet a Black Guy

A duo in Oregon recently staged a new version of Improv Everywhere‘s 2006 mission Meet a Black Person. They set up their “Meet a Black Guy” booth at the farmer’s market in their hometown Corvallis, which is overwhelmingly white.

There’s a write up about it in their local paper, and the duo was interviewed on NPR (where they kindly give a shout out to the original Improv Everywhere mission.)

In other news the original Black Person just got hired back for his third season as a writer on MAD TV, and the editor of the original video (below) just got hired back for his second season! Congrats to Colton Dunn and Chris Kula!

3 thoughts on “Meet a Black Guy”

  1. That’s a pretty poor excuse for a black guy. I mean, his skin is nearly the same as the girl he’s standing next to. Can’t Corvallis find a better black guy than that?

  2. I live in Corvallis and can safely say that the answer to this question is “NO”!

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