Michael Jackson Roof Prank

For Scene Diego‘s latest mission, they got a crowd to pretend Michael Jackson was dining on a fancy rooftop restaurant. They write:

85 Agents showed up on a clear Saturday night in June. The mission? We started a dirty little rumor that Michael Jackson was having dinner on the rooftop of Stingaree in Downtown San Diego. We had no idea we would double the size of our group with this little fib. Our 85 agents turned into 150-200 screaming, chanting, and singing – Michael Jackson fans. We took over all four corners and the intersection. The restaurant manager came out and asked us to leave their sidewalk, neighbors came out of apartments, and people left their dinner tables to come join the excitement; waiting for MJ to make an appearance. The very confused wait staff watched in confusion from inside the front window.

This mission reminds us of Improv Everywhere’s U2 rooftop prank:

and Zug’s Michael Jackson prank:

If you live in the San Diego area, be sure to check out the pillow fight that Scene Diego is organizing on August 2.

4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Roof Prank”

  1. Truly awesome! This mission was pulled off well, and it is amazing how many people just stopped to see MJ not even having any proof he was there.

  2. hehehe! well done!

    the only thing that would have improved this would be to slowly peel away all of the original agents, leaving a crowd of non-agents chanting for Michael!

  3. Wow, nice footage.

    Next time, replace MJ with a convicted criminal. Chant, “Protect our safety!” And then when the crowd is big enough, single out the next fellow to leave the building.

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