8 thoughts on “Returning Circulars”

  1. I sure hope this is not why he calls himself an artist.

    Anyway, been done before, many times.

  2. troymccluresf, I agree.

    The one circular I get on a weekly basis is eagerly waited for each week, as it contains a ‘Super-Saver’ coupon that is different each week, but usually pretty darn good.

  3. Good idea but not really a prank, or street art
    Theyre also still littering the streets.

    Itd be nice to see how the store reacted though.

  4. I don’t really understand why people criticize the things that go up on this site, the Salt Shaker Switcheroo and now this.

    The site has “Prankster” in it’s name, pranks often aren’t that nice to people.

    Anyone who missed this circular now has a convenient heap of them in front of the store from which to take one and get that coveted “Super-Saver” coupon.

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