Snake Game Played on Dorm Windows

A student group in Poland executed a series of projects where they used the lights in their dorm room to create awesomeness. In the above video you can see a game of Snake and a bit of Pong at the very end. Their YouTube channel has several other videos, including this James Bond video:

There have been several examples of students using the same technique to create massive games of Tetris. Here’s a video a Russian group that pulled it off:

And don’t forget Improv Everywhere‘s mission Look Up More that put humans in department store windows:

10 thoughts on “Snake Game Played on Dorm Windows”

  1. The russian one is pretty funny, and exactly the type of humour I would expect from them. Though they are all pretty well done installations, I wonder how many used the Blinkenlights code which was released I think 3 or 4 years back now…

  2. I know you’re Improv Everywhere and everything, but do you really need to remind us of your performances every single time you post? It seems like you’re just deflecting these amazing people’s achievements onto your own, sometimes mediocre, stunts.

  3. @ blueukaki–

    They link to other groups’ projects when there are similarities, too. I say, keep the links coming, because I never get tired of seeing more great pranks/artwork/etc.

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