Upcoming: Mp3 Experiment Geneva

There will be an Mp3 Experiment happening in Geneva, Switzerland next Thursday. The event is being organized by a local group. See the Geneva Mp3 Games site for more details (helpful if you speak French!)

The Mp3 Experiment was created by Improv Everywhere in 2004. There have been four installments so far in New York, with a fifth planned for later this year.

The Mp3 Experiment Four
The Mp3 Experiment III
The Mp3 Experiment 2.0
The Mp3 Experiment

3 thoughts on “Upcoming: Mp3 Experiment Geneva”

  1. Charlie, do you have an idea of when and where this years MP3 project is going to happen?

  2. Hello , It took place yesterday on june 18th at 06h30 pm, the weather was sunny and people happy. There was between 100 and 150 persons maybe. It was a great experience. There will be a short movie in a few day on the site and many photos. You can donwload the mp3 on the site.

    I am used to act on stage , i am an actor, but this experience was intense, funny and new for me. We are going to organize a second one in september.

    Thank you for your interest

    bye bye

    many thanks for what you do

    remain the same


    http://asdelombre.free.fr or http://nondgo.free.fr

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