Bring Back Crystal Pepsi

Some clever pranksters managed to get this sign onto MSNBC’s coverage of the DNC on Monday night. I saw it live and found it quite hilarious. I found it a little less funny when I realized the DNC was taking place at the Pepsi Center (I thought it was a total non-sequitur,) but it’s still awesome to see something this silly in a crowd otherwise filled with 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

via Agent Skwrl

13 thoughts on “Bring Back Crystal Pepsi”

  1. Chuck, you sure you want to advertise a political agenda here?
    Secondly, I really wish they WOULD bring back Crystal Pepsi 🙁

  2. Pepsi Marketing Executive 1:
    OK George, what can we do to really put afresh face on our product? Something that will make it stand out against the crowd. Something that will make people say, “Boy I sure love Pepsi and want to have it’s babies.”

    Pepsi Marketing Executive 2:
    Well Bill, we could remove the dye, give it new, flashy packaging and a fancy sounding name.

    Pepsi Marketing Executive 1:
    But the taste would still be exactly the same George?

    Pepsi Marketing Executive 2:
    Yes Bill.

    Pepsi Marketing Executive 1:
    Brilliant George. Brilliant.

  3. yeah they totally did Crystal a raw deal. They wanted to replace Coke so they had the new coke and let both come out. How come they do Crystal Pepsi like that?
    Sure it bombed but well give it another shot. I liked it. I think they should try and bring it back try a little at a time to see if it will be brought. I WANT TO BUY IT.

  4. OMG, BRING IT BACK! I loved this stuff. They say it tasted like regular Pepsi but I don’t think so. If they ever try to bring it back, I will buy a ton in case they stop making it again. BRING IT BACK, CRYSTAL PEPSI FTW!!!

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