14 thoughts on “Events This Weekend”

  1. Unbelievable. Every time I come to this blog, all I see are these pretentious “roundup” posts trying to call themselves “art.” I thought this blog was supposed to be about pranking in an urban atmosphere, but my word, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Mr. Todd, expect a free slot to open up on my highly coveted RSS feeds list. These “roundups” are far from art, and you are not the first one to invent the “roundup.” It’s posts like these that give ImprovEverywhere a bad rap.

    Good day.

  2. Hey giant conga line happening in Vegas next Sat. Aug 23rd, 9:30 pm in front of the Golden Gate Hotel at the corner of Fremont and Main Streets, the Fremont Street Experience!! I could use a lot of help in getting the word out about this…. Anyone and everyone is invited, bring noisemakers and costumes if you like! So if you’re in Vegas nest weekend, come join in on this folks! Just meet in front of Golden Gate hotel at 9:30 next Sat, and the rest will come naturally! Contact me on this site so we can get the word on this out!!

  3. @Kevin

    I knew I was forgetting something. So there are TWO renegade parades today in NYC? Wow. Let me know how it goes and where I can see photos/video.


    Nice spot-on parody of the comments around these parts.

  4. @Alvin

    are you being sarcastic, buddy? what is pretentious about gathering a group of people up to have fun? this post doesnt even use the word ‘art’ in it. from what i can tell, none of the links mention ‘art’ either.
    And since when did charlie todd claim to invent anything?
    Also, i have never heard anyone rip on IE…they dont have a bad rap, they have a very good rap.
    Lastly, i highly doubt a spot on your RSS feed is ‘coveted’. Im amused how you seem to think so highly of yourself.

  5. oh man! i got out of work late last night and as i walked to the union square station, there was a group of kids walking together, all with their headphones in and dancing/raving as they walked by. i thought, “oh, that’s like the silent rave thing i saw on the internet!” turns out, it actually was exactly that!

  6. @Dinger

    It was a tongue-in-cheek. (Read the comments of recent posts and you’ll see what I mean. What better than to make a mockery of something that obviously has nothing to do with pretentious art? ;-))

  7. Hey! I am a HUGE fan of IE and I heard talk of a Freeze Project in Portland this December 2008 … Can anyone confirm that for me? I’m having trouble finding information on it…

  8. Hey ive got an idea of what you can do for a flash mob event . at one point in time have everyone act out like theres a natural disaster like have people try to swim away or like have them spiral in a tornado like thing or like a earth quake just have em shaking for like 5 mins or something radical like that lol keep me posted … put it on you tube lolz im always there ….. yea!

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