Our friend Ji Lee, he of The Bubble Project, sent us his latest, sure to be controversial project:

In the time of environmental urgency, catastrophic wars, soaring gas prices and economic gloom, can there be a car more senseless, stupid and offensive than Hummer? When someone drives a Hummer, it’s like saying: “HEY, LOOK AT MY TOOL. AND BTW, I’M RICH AND FUCK YOU AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT!” So, here’s a small way to get back at them:

Introducing the all-new Dummer. The next time you see a Hummer, tag the logo and turn it into a Dummer.

A project by Ji Lee, Andrew Wilcox and Nelly Ma


3 thoughts on “Dummer”

  1. Go hug a tree or do a little research. My H3 gets 22 MPG in the city and can run on gas for E85.

    The better approach would be to help get all the 20 -30 year old cars off the roads.

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