Park(ing) Day

Today is Park(ing) Day 2008. Groups around the world will turn parking spaces into temporary public parks.

San Francisco art collective REBAR first created “PARK(ing)” in 2005 to re-imagine the potential of the metered parking space. In 2006, in collaboration with TPL, REBAR founded “PARK(ing) Day”: a global exploration of the creative potential of streets.

Here’s a video from Park(ing) Day NYC 2006:

5 thoughts on “Park(ing) Day”

  1. Rebar is in Amsterdam this weekend as part of the Experimenta Design Amsterdam Exhibition.

    They have created some wild modular, inflatable, hot pink, star shaped outdoor furniture designed in collaboration with Droog Design. It is called a BUSHWAFFLE. It softens the hard, linear urban cityscape and provides new opportunities for social play. Keep your eyes open for them if you are in Amsterdam 🙂

  2. Awesome! I wish I had known about it earlier. In a sense, the school has done something like it. It took one building and two parking lots and converted it to a new larger building with green space. We need more!

  3. Awesome idea! Reminds me of my HS senior prank. They turned the school parking lot into a beach at about 4am. But of course security got there before anyone else and started cleaning it up. By the time students started showing up it was just a mountain of sand pushed to on side of the parking lot and some lawn chairs…

  4. I was just lounging in the Park(ing) Space. It is a brilliant idea. I had so much fun listening to people play music and receiving the reactions from motorists (mostly good, some profanities thrown around). I need more Park(ing) Space in my life!

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