Portuguese Food Court Musical

It looks like “fashion tissue paper” company Renova, based in Portugal, decided to make a Portuguese version of Improv Everywhere’s Food Court Musical to market their colorful napkins. They copied the lyrics (translated), choreography, characters, and music. They didn’t bother to give credit to Improv Everywhere or the writers of the song Scott Brown and Anthony King. Thanks to Manuel for sending this in.

UPDATE: It looks like they made the video “private” so no one can see it. Anyone know how to track down a cached copy? Here is the original link, and here is the account that uploaded it.

UPDATE 2: I found it on another video site. Watch it here.

The original Food Court Musical:

(also available on YouTube)
song by Scott Brown and Anthony King
arranged by Jamie Laboz

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22 thoughts on “Portuguese Food Court Musical”

  1. Notice the characters that were edited out of the Improv Everywhere video (skaters, etc.) aren’t in this one, because they didn’t know what the choreography was.

  2. That’s not very nice… the least they could do was to contact you guys to ask for permission to use the idea, or to acknowledge in the description of the video that the idea came from IE, instead of making the video private!

  3. I couldn’t figure out who was the agency behind, but i’ve posted a comment (in Portuguese) at Renova’s blog.

    Hope they bother listening. BTW, i’ve been in 2 missions in Portugal, and it sucks bigtime that there aren’t many people joining the missions, but nonetheless there seem to be a lot of unscrupulous companies ripping UP’s ideas.

  4. Thanks Armando! Let me know if you hear anything else about it. Good to have some one who speak the language on the case. It’s pretty lame to take someone’s idea as your own, right down to the music! Anthony and Scott worked really hard on that awesome song and deserve credit!

  5. A campanha da Renova jĂĄ foi removida do youTube. Mas o link que o Celso nos deu ainda funciona. (Bolas, imitação e barata!!! É que a malta a cantar aqui no residence….eishh!! :S que vergonha.)

  6. “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

    This was the post I have found on their blog… have they deleted? it?? www means worldwide web!!! Guys, WORLDWIDE – didn’t they think before doing it?

  7. I’ve just seen the Renova movie. It’s incredible how they could do this. I’m portuguese and part of the TodosAMarar a portuguese group created in improveverywhere.ning.
    Count on me if you need some local help.

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