Prototype 161 NYC Event on 10/31

Remember the Sea of Glass paperweight we mentioned the other week? Well today I got something new in the mail that explains it all. Prototype 161, the new Alternate Reality Game masterminds in New York, are staging their next event on Halloween. Someone from the group sent me a letter announcing the new event. I scanned it and uploaded it here. Also in the envelope was a USB key containing a PDF of the image above. There must be a clue in their somewhere. Fun!

The event costs $40 (someone’s got to pay for all these crazy mailings!) but there’s a discount code in the letter that anyone who reads this blog can use for 20% off. So while not free, it sounds like a really fun Halloween night in NYC if you’re into the whole run around the city on a crazy mission solving puzzles type thing.

3 thoughts on “Prototype 161 NYC Event on 10/31”

  1. Everything about this looks good(too bad I live in Vancouver)
    The guy kinda looks like Tydus from “Final Fantasy X”

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