Take a Photo, Leave a Photo

For Toronto street artist Posterchild’s latest project, he installed blue wooden boxes around town with a camera inside. He explains:

I made 5 boxes that contained dollar-store disposable cameras and marked them with “Take a Photo, Leave a Photo.” After retrieving the cameras (there were 3 still remaining), I developed the film and then framed and mounted the resulting photographs in the same spots!

The results are really cool!

You can see more of the photos on his site.

You might also enjoy this similar project with a disposable camera on a park bench.

5 thoughts on “Take a Photo, Leave a Photo”

  1. damn, this is a nice idea, and the photos look great too

    this is the kind of creativity and good idea that put the “art” into street art, and it’s a million times more interesting than just another psuedo-political stencil

    brilliant. well done Posterchild!

  2. Very nice idea!
    I first saw something like this in the Bronx, NY. There, people got a free disposable camera and had to take many pictures themself, before depositing the camera at the Arts Club.

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