6 thoughts on “What Goes Up Must Come Down”

  1. Same here. Mind you this is a pretty funny joke.
    Here in Toronto though council has passed a bill saying if a business is hit with graffiti (including murals etc) they are on the hook to clean them up. Having said that when campaigners in our recent election had their offices hit by vandals, the government foot the bill.
    It has opened the debate here what is art and what isn’t when it comes to “street art”. Basically they’ve said none of it is acceptable. Which I believe is wrong.

  2. It may well be an act of vandalism to “deface” the banks wall but that is far less irresponsible and much easier to fix than the mess the major banks have got us into.

  3. Cougar, so are you saying it’s okay to do something wrong or illegal against someone so long as what they did to you or to society is more wrong? That’s a slippery slope.

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