Trick or Treat Dummy

ExFilms, a group of filmmakers in San Diego, sent us their awesome new prank:

Little Timmy is our four foot tall dummy all dressed up in his halloween costume holding a bag of candy. Armed with a couple of hidden cameras and a wireless microphone we set off to pull pranks in the neighborhood with our fake kid trick or treating.

Reminds us of The Golden Ass.

16 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Dummy”

  1. That’s hilarious. You can tell people are freaked out…they are all nervously laughing! (I would have been too!)

  2. Well, I know what I’m doing next year for hallowe’en :p
    Yes, that’s right, standing there.
    I’m too cheap to buy a dummy 🙂
    So, full costume, mask, and just… stand there. Perfectly still.
    ’bout five minutes per house eh?

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