Walking Shopping Cart

It’s a shopping cart pushed by a half human robot! Creator GroG explains:

I was interested in the concept of automating aspects of society that were considered not so “glamorous”. Robotics are often used in environments which are considered dangerous to humans. Deep sea exploration, nuclear cleanup and volcanism are some of the “higher profile” adverse environments which robots are used. My question was, “What about other dangerous or hazardous areas?”. For example, homeless people live in extremely dangerous environments. Shouldn’t there be automated equipment used by this strata of society? So, for this project I chose to implement an automated walking, homeless shopping cart.

More info at GizoGarden

via Zoomdoggle

4 thoughts on “Walking Shopping Cart”

  1. What’s really jarring is the flame that’s constantly shooting out of the trousers, so it looks like some homeless Terminator exploded and the legs just kept on truckin’ along.

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