4 thoughts on “Welcoming Home Strangers at JFK Airport”

  1. Gosh. I usually really enjoy IE, but there was kind of a startling level of class privilege here. All these people who could afford drivers– all these middle class-or-higher white folks– got the hero’s welcome home. I winced hearing the driver talk about what a nice thing that was. This is really a fascinating- if not entirely scientific- study of privilege and entitlement.

  2. Definitely one of the tamer Improv Everywhere moments, but fun and heartfelt nonetheless. Anyone know what song/music was playing in the background?

  3. @Seth:

    Give me a stinking break. Almost anyone who can afford to travel by plane is by definition not poverty-stricken, so anyone at the airport they greeted would be middle class at least. Unless somebody gave them a free ticket or they were a prisoner being transported. But those situations are not too likely.

    You’re reading in waay too much here.

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