7 thoughts on “Real Life Mario Kart”

  1. This guy’s ideas might be prank-worthy if he wasn’t such a butthole in the execution. He takes all the fun and replaces it with downright mean-spiritedness. He’s the only one laughing.

  2. Parker, he’s just accurately recreating Mario Kart by trying to knock the other “racers” out using his items. The complete ineffectiveness of the banana peels just makes it funnier.

  3. Mostly it just seems all sorts of dangerous. I mean, a “kart” (if you will) that low to the ground can’t possibly be seen by any other cars on the road.
    I did like when he ran from the police, though…lol.

  4. Hey, that’s in Montpellier; I used to live there! I think this is hilarious. A slightly safer version (that also would not require the expense of acquiring your own kart) would probably be to get a handful of people to dress like Mario Kart characters and take over a kart track. The problem is, I’m pretty sure most places would force you to stop as soon as you start tossing things toward others.

  5. This was an amazing post. Most of my office is laughing at the video included here. Much better than the so-called ‘art’, this was actually a good prank, it was funny, and wasn’t the result of a misguided attempt at ‘art’.

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