Upcoming Events

Two holiday institutions are happening in cities all over the world this weekend and throughout December. First there’s Santacon, the annual mob of hundreds of Santa suit wearing participants. Anyone with a Santa suit can participate! Then there’s Unsilent Night, Phil Kline’s parade of roving boomboxes, another everyone’s-welcome participatory event. Both events are happening this Saturday in New York City. Check the websites for details and for information on other cities. You can even organize your own if your city isn’t on the list.

Also, there are two Improv Everywhere-inspired events happening on Saturday that are being organized by local groups on the Urban Prankster Network. Seattle is having an Mp3 Experiment and Portland, Oregon is having a freeze.

Busy weekend!

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  1. Oh, thanks for ignoring Improv in Toronto. We did post our event on the Mission Announcements page, but we moved to another messageboard. Was that the problem?

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