40 Greatest Pranks 2

(Improv Everywhere clip from the first 40 Greatest Pranks)

Tonight at 9 PM VH1 is debuting 40 Greatest Pranks 2. We’re not sure if that means these pranks have replaced the previous list of the 40 greatest, or if they should be considered the 41st through 80th greatest pranks. Either way, Improv Everywhere’s No Shirts prank is #9. Set your DVR!

UPDATE: Here is the video from 40 Greatest Pranks 2

8 thoughts on “40 Greatest Pranks 2”

  1. According to the listing on tv.yahoo.com it looks like pranks 40-21 are from 9-10pm with the countdown continuing from 20-1 from 10-11pm. Yep, a two hour prankster extravaganza!

  2. I just got a copy of it. Improv Everywhere’s “No Shirts” prank is #9 on the countdown. That’s about 20 or 30 minutes into the second hour of the show. I pop up a few other times talking about other pranks, as does Agent Justin Lang.

  3. I have been trying to find the video of the headless guy on the bus on the 40 Greatest pranks 2. Does anyone kow where i can find it?

  4. Does anyone remember a clip (it was from Scare Tactics or Room 401) and the guy they were trying to scare tackled one of the actors (who was pretending to beat up a girl I think)….?? Can you PLEASEEE email it to me at Pearl202@yahoo.com PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Lol ill love u forever if someone can tell me how to find that clip!!!!!!!!!

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