Parking Garage Tennis

Artist Jorge MaƱes turned a parking deck into a tennis court as part of a project for the Royal College of Art in London.

“Park, Set and Match” is Jorge’s misreading of London’s supermarket parking systems, transforming them into his own tennis tournament. These huge spaces, legally private property, are monitored by CCTV cameras and security guards, and offered for free to the clients to make shopping easier. To get into the game you need only buy some water and fruit. This will allow you to legally occupy the parking space for 2 hours. You can then set up your tennis match, which will be “televised” by the CCTV cameras, a public source recording allowing players to obtain a copy of their match through the Creative Commons Act.

(thanks Jake!)

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  1. this is super great fun…I’ll have to spread my fun art around in the AZ area…. Thanks,

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