31 thoughts on “Thought Bubbles in Brooklyn”

  1. Jesus Christ, are there still people who know how to post a reply but don’t get the “photoshopped!” joke?

    You all loose at the interwebz.

    -1,000 internets.

  2. You can really see the pixels, and I’ve seen some pixels in my time.
    I’ts clearly totally shopped.

  3. Of course is shopped, the second picture shows a car with a lamp post “welded” onto it, with pine leaves coming out the top – Blatant give away. Nearly had me fooled.

    Certainly a creative piece, regardless of the shopping skills.

  4. numbnuts, if it was photoshopped why don’t go for better picture and make it funnier? anyway, I feel for the photographer waiting for the right moment to take the picture

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