How to Hack an Electronic Road Sign


Interested in reprogramming an electric road sign to say something hilarious? It’s definitely illegal and possibly dangerous, but here’s how to do it. You know, just so you know.

Here’s a local news story from Austin, Texas about a road sign prank there. It was the top story.

6 thoughts on “How to Hack an Electronic Road Sign”

  1. Genius.

    The public safety consideration is of course an issue but could also be viewed as scaremongering, the Zombie signs are just as likely to improve safety by waking people up and making them laugh…

    …there was an experiment somewhere in Europe where they removed all superfluous road signs in an area, and the accident rate decreased as drivers looked at where they were going and not the multitude of instructional signage…we have illuminated signs on motorways (freeways) in the UK that say ‘Sign not in use’ or ‘rain on road’…stating the bleeding obvious, and there was a famous one which we loved here:

  2. Charlie!

    Great find! This gem is what it is all about, and has everything!

    Glad to see it finally popped up here.

  3. And how is this any different from slowing down and reading the sign to see the warnings about constructions? Or missing people? And in this case, Nazi Zombies. =] Very cool idea.

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