Available Online For Free



Evan Roth made some stickers boasting the phrase “AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE” which can be placed on any product you find in a retail store that could also be found online free of charge. You can download the template file here, should you want to do this at a store near you.

AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE is also the name of Evan’s first solo exhibition in Vienna. You can, not surprisingly, download the exhibition book for free at evan-roth.com.

5 thoughts on “Available Online For Free”

  1. Certainly someone got much less than happy to see that in his store.

    But, indeed, it’s always so ironically true. XD

  2. Oh… my gosh.
    that’s a lot of stickers.
    you so can’t not get in trouble for this lol. BUT
    The sticker design is really cool.
    So happy and round and red with spikey shouty shapes!

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