People are Strange

From the Urban Prankster group in Portugal, TodosaMarar:

Arecent mission in Lisbon was called “People are Strange”. A group of 7 agents was disguised as several characters and went to a shopping center for a walk. The reactions were amazing, especially from the kids and his parents, and from the shop employees.

After 30 minutes we get expelled from the center by the shopping security, a group of more of ten! We left calmly.

My guess is that they were inspired by this great Remi Galliard prank.

One thought on “People are Strange”

  1. this can barely be called comedy. While the original “People are Strange” prank is interesting and strange, this “mission” is akin to 7 people dressing in funny costumes and walking around the mall. No wait–it’s exactly that.

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