Subway Art Gallery Opening

50 Improv Everywhere agents created an art gallery opening on the 23rd Street subway platform in Manhattan. They put up 30 placards next to objects in the space (pipes, electrical boxes, signs, advertisements), transforming them into works of art. The gallery included a bar, a coat rack, and a cellist.

The mission took place this past fall, but this morning a couple of Improv Everywhere agents put up fresh copies of the placards in the station (uptown platform for the C/E at 23rd Street). If you live in New York, go check it out before the MTA removes them.

4 thoughts on “Subway Art Gallery Opening”

  1. Very creative idea! Bet it was fun seeing the reactions of the people. I wonder how much tip money the guy at the ‘bar’ recieved? xD

    Nicely done!

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