Subway Dance Party in Toronto

Improv in Toronto, recently staged their 2nd Annual Subway Dance Party. They explain:

Our 2nd Annual Subway Dance Party took place on Saturday, February 21. Around 450 people participated this year, making it atleast 20 times bigger than last years. If you’re unfamiliar with the Subway Dance Party, it’s a very easy concept. Once on the subway, a couple people will begin dancing while listening to music on their mp3 players. At first they get weird looks, and a lot of people laughing at them. Slowly though, more people begin joining in on the dance. Over the next couple stops the dance party gains in size, until the whole subway is in motion, and yet this is all done silently!

4 thoughts on “Subway Dance Party in Toronto”

  1. I liked this concept very much until I saw the woman’s face at 0:49. She looks claustrophobic, and it makes me think that I would dislike very much being trapped in an enclosed space among moving bodies that in all likelihood would not avoid bumping into me. (I’m short and can be rather inconspicuous. I can see most people not being bothered… but not us short & inconspicuous folks.) I generally like various missions that take place on subways, but I must say this is my least favorite that I’ve seen.

  2. Its a song created by the video editor’s brother. The same guy did the song for last years subway dance party video too. He does some great work (the video editor, and his brother).

  3. hc, get that stick out of your butt and join the dance party. Short and tall people wanted! That woman has the wonderful option of getting off at the next stop and taking the next train.

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