9 thoughts on “Urban Camouflage”

  1. Truly amazing. Extremely fine work on the costumes.

    It’s incredible how it actually seems like a not-human-bunch-of-piled-things.

    Gotta do something similar.

  2. An Urban Gillie Suit made for the trecherous terrain of office depot. It seems stupid at first, but after a moment you think DAMN that was a good funny prank.

  3. Would have been great if he laid on the pile not moving, then made a sudden movement and shouted when someone came up unknowing.

  4. Wow…. That’s a pretty awesome prank there! That was pretty funny when the guy passed by, checking out the product, then flinching when the “pile” moved. Great job! =D

  5. he’s really cute! i like the way he was a bit rubbish trying to climb in, and didn’t really try to hide when people came by! i think a jump out at someone would have been good! next time!

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