9 thoughts on “Urban Camouflage”

  1. Truly amazing. Extremely fine work on the costumes.

    It’s incredible how it actually seems like a not-human-bunch-of-piled-things.

    Gotta do something similar.

  2. An Urban Gillie Suit made for the trecherous terrain of office depot. It seems stupid at first, but after a moment you think DAMN that was a good funny prank.

  3. Nice costume. But other than that, the video was pretty lame. Nothing really happened.

  4. Would have been great if he laid on the pile not moving, then made a sudden movement and shouted when someone came up unknowing.

  5. Wow…. That’s a pretty awesome prank there! That was pretty funny when the guy passed by, checking out the product, then flinching when the “pile” moved. Great job! =D

  6. he’s really cute! i like the way he was a bit rubbish trying to climb in, and didn’t really try to hide when people came by! i think a jump out at someone would have been good! next time!

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