Improv Everywhere: Best Funeral Ever

(Watch in HD on YouTube)
edited by Matt Adams / music by Tyler Walker

For their latest mission, 30 Improv Everywhere agents found a random funeral in the obituary section of the newspaper and turned it into the best funeral ever. They picked a man who had very few surviving relatives and then showed up to his funeral to make it truly awesome.

More info and photos: Best Funeral Ever

UPDATE: Of course, this was fake.

10 thoughts on “Improv Everywhere: Best Funeral Ever”

  1. That’s a little heartless. They’re all having a good time, and basically this is a joke for them, while the family basically gets all these strangers there? They’re doing it as a social experiment?

    That’s incredibly tacky, even for improv everywhere.

  2. This could have gone in a sweet or humane direction, but it kept getting cast in a more cynical light. Yes, the deceased had been picked because there weren’t a lot of relatives mentioned, but showing up within the context of it being an ‘awesome’ thing (awesome here seems to be uttered with the same sense as if the guy was going snowboarding) really sort of had an undertone of mocking the people that were actually there to honor their departed friend.

    I think guerrilla improv should be done anywhere there are humans and human activities, including funerals, but this one just felt off-key to me. I couldn’t at all blame the guy at the end for coming over and grabbing the camera.

    Unless the whole THING was a set-up. It does occur to me the prankster cutaways at the beginning where they’re chuckling felt a little forced. In which case, uh, whatever.

  3. come on people! this site is called urban PRANKSTER! its april fools! don’t think you’re immune to a prank yourself guys…anyway, this one had me going too….i’ll be honest…you got me.

  4. basically… don’t believe anything you read on the internet on April 1st. I signed on to my RSS feed just to find all the april fools posts.

  5. Wonderful April Fools joke, I was cringing so bad watching this. Thank goodness it’s only a couple minutes long. Wow.

  6. Exactly… As soon as I saw the title, I was thinking this’d be a bit morbid and was partially disgusted while watching the mission briefing. Then I saw my calendar.

    In all honestly, it’s a testament to IE’s talents that they were able to make this “realistic” enough to fool so many, as not only does it make the payoff of realizing you’ve been duped that much better, but just goes to show that Fools pranks don’t always have to be easy, cheesy, and lame.

  7. Very nice indeed I think this could have been achievable even if it wasn’t a April fool’s Just need to pick the right family

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