16 thoughts on “Push Button Receive Bacon”

  1. I’m a student at Hunter college and this actually does exist! I have seen it before and the first time I saw it, I chuckled.

  2. these signs are uses in toilets all around the world; the subversion of the sign with ‘push button, receive bacon’ comes from a popular internet meme that’s been doing the rounds for years. god they’re really struggling to put decent stuff on this blog these days.

  3. The Mad Magazine sticker said something like “Push Button – Wipe hands on Pants” as I recall. From the 1960s – there was a whole page of various stickers, but the concept has continued…

  4. The best one that I’ve seen has:
    Extend Hands. Receive Bacon. Smell Bacon.

    The last diagram has the dryer being pointed towards the face to dry it with the “Smell Bacon” caption – found at McGill University’s main undergrad library, 4th floor men’s washroom…

  5. And this only just now made the site? There was one of these in the women’s bathroom by the cafeteria when I was a freshman at the Colorado School of Mines.

  6. Sorry Andrew, not funny. You ruined any sense of amusement I had from the bacon joke. Time for a new hobby.

  7. Actually, this joke isn’t your average internet meme. I remember seeing it in a bathroom about 20 years ago (long before the internet was meme-able). I found it so hilarious that I wasn’t able to forget it and to this day every time I come across that style of hand dryer, labeled or not, I can’t help but laugh.

    I think it’s great that this joke has made the transition to internet meme, but I want to clarify that rather than just a tired internet gag, this is a classic that should be revered rather than dismissed.

    I love you “push button, receive bacon”.

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