5 thoughts on “Unauthorized Aquarium Dive”

  1. I agree with HalfMooner. Good pranking doesn’t have to be irresponsible too. Remi Gaillard is the Jackass of pranking. Anyone who thinks embarrassing people, risking motorist’s lives, and kicking sand into people’s faces is funny is far from earning my respect. That said, I suppose this gem of his is pretty tame. Still, salt-water aquarium environments are very fragile; way more so than the ocean. He could have introduced something into the tank (not necessarily biological) that could hurt the marine life or impair the regulatory systems proper functioning. In some instances some marine life (certain plants, anemones, sea dragons, etc) in aquariums can be destroyed with a swift kick of a flipper. Aquariums make everything look so simple and easy but they spend millions of dollars to make it LOOK that way. Not funny enough to be worth the risk. It would have to be funny to begin with, and even then…
    If I want to watch someone diving in an aquarium I’ll go during the days the professionals clean the environment and give the sharks and tortoises their checkups (which is pretty often).
    In short- ballsy, but still lame

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