Accurate Plant Labels



Posterchild recently added some accurate plant labels to abandoned planter boxes in Toronto. He writes:

What are we sowing? What have we planted? It seems like we forget unless it’s labeled.

This is an attempt to highlight the “obvious-yet-invisible”, to encourage/shame municipal authorities into doing some real gardening with their many derelict planter boxes.

It is also meant to inspire Guerrilla Gardeners to take action of their own!!

See more photos.

3 thoughts on “Accurate Plant Labels”

  1. Classic! We used to have a neighbor who had a half empty bag of fertilizer on their steps seemingly forever, so we erected a small sign next to it that said “The [our] Street Bag of Fertilizer – Now in it’s 2nd year!”

  2. why not go full scale Audubon and put the names (common/latin) of the grasses? If I saw that I’d probably remember it more (and therefore be more likely to do something about it, if I owned it).

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