8 thoughts on “Meet Me Here”

  1. those are fake. they’re actually letters from craig. who is hilarious, might i add. who the fuck is chris?!

    1. I mention and link to a story on “Craig” in the post above. (Did you not see that?) I’m sure “Chris” got the idea from “Craig,” which is why I linked to him as well. The signs are not, in fact, copied exactly. One of them mentions the “tri state area,” which is the area around NYC. (Did you see that?)

      Also, I’m not sure if you were calling Chris or me a “fag” in your comment. Can you please let me know ASAP? Maybe meet me by the bus stop on 8th and 34th at 4:15 tomorrow and we’ll figure this out and get some Quiznos?

  2. Yep – the Chris signs are obviously a localized version of the Craig signs (even down to the types of snacks mentioned in the notes), which I don’t really see a problem with! These signs are fucking hilarious and I would love to see stuff like this posted up in my town, whether they be from Chris, Craig, Charles, whatever. So long as they carry the same ridiculous formula of odd requests and highly specific details, caps lock, etc.

    I get the feeling if these notes were signed –Craig, there’d more than likely be a string of “OMG THIS IS A CRAIG IMPOSTOR THIS IS NOT THE REAL CRAIG” comments. heh…

  3. omg wtf. this guy is just copying the work of another great artist who did the exact same thing pretty much but just a little bit different but was basically the same gay thing but he did it with some variations and his idea was sort of similar to this but he had some differences and this was just copying his work and doing it in a slightly more homosexual way but basically took his idea and did it again but didn’t copy it precisely but the political undertone was extremely similar and slightly different and at the same time was gay but not on the same level. his name was Donald Van Gogh.

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