Cryptic Upcoming NY Event

I just received an interesting letter in the mail.


At first I thought it was a wedding invitation, but then I noticed there was no return address. After opening it, I realized it’s definitely an invitation but that’s about as much as I can figure out. It’s from someone named Selma for an NYC event on October 17th. I feel pretty confidant in stating I have never met anyone named Selma in my life.

I have a suspicion what this might be about but I’ll hold off until I get confirmation. (This isn’t the first cryptic invite sent to the Urban Prankster offices!) I’ve transcribed the copy below.


October 17th
New York City
The Cardinal Case

Secrets stole I, treasures too;
I invite you to pursue.
How to win my worthy gifts?
I am one of many shifts.
This Hermaea worth shall prove
And the chaff from wheat remove.
Will you my fond pageant see
And earn this purloined property?
Place to place, we’ll celebrate.
Kindly, gentles, save the date.

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  1. As your link suggests, it’s the ARG called Prototype161. I received this email yesterday from

    “Secrets stole I, treasures too;
    I invite you to pursue.
    How to win my worthy gifts?
    I am one of many shifts.”


    With these words, a dangerous spy known only as “Selma” has announced her intention to sell vital corporate secrets to the highest bidder. Prototype161 has been retained to recover this red attache and its priceless contents.

    Your assignment is to pose as a potential buyer, investigate Selma, and recover the case. Agents will rendezvous in New York City at 7:00 pm on October 17th, 2009, location TBA. Assemble a team comprising not more than 8 agents. If you are unable to locate a sufficient number of friends, some will be provided for you.

    Please confirm your acceptance of this assignment at There is a $40 registration fee for each agent; however, in recognition of your past accomplishments, you may use the code “catalectic” for a $15 discount. The code will expire on October 4th. Space is limited so register early.

    Current evidence suggests that Selma will lead participants in a “pub crawl” style event. These findings have been incorporated into our FAQ and forums. As always, you may use the Prototype161 Agent Network to connect with other agents, strategize, and form teams.

    Good luck, and do not fail us.


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