Open Soon Prank Contest

Our friend Rob Cockerham over at Cockeyed has issued a challenge to pranksters around the world. He writes:

The economy is pitiful right now. Both where I live and where I work, I’m seeing a bunch of businesses closing their doors forever.

Shuttered buildings are incredibly depressing, so I’m launching a plan to help liven up our neighborhood streets and remind everyone that economic recovery is just around the corner.

It’s a contest. Create and print your own “Opening Soon” flier and tape it to the door of an empty retail, industrial or warehouse property. Email a picture and you are in the contest! Include a description of the location and hazards if you would like.

Check out his site for details on how you can participate.

2 thoughts on “Open Soon Prank Contest”

  1. I love the idea. I have already sent it out to some friends of mine so we can have our own contest. We will submit our entries if they are worth looking at.

  2. cool project – if you’d bring it up a little bigger I am convinced it could become an attracting idea for the city development department… give it a bigger chance!!

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