5 thoughts on “Come On Paint Me White Again”

  1. I love that the artist is engaging in a dialogue with the folks responsible for graffiti removal. it’s a challenge to urban development. if the wall wasn’t white…if it was painted with something colorful and engaging for the people in the neighborhood, then that would be a response to the artist who might choose not to tag it. white IS boring. nice post, thanks.

  2. Talk about boring, doesn’t this loser have anything better to do than vandalize public property in such a cowardly fashion? What’s boring is the constant pleading for attention we see every day from these developmentally delayed “taggers”. And it’s awful tiring to have to clean up after them again and again. Oh, and they *do* tag over beautiful art as well. Why? Because they are talentless losers. Booooring.

  3. Stan Todt — keep in mind that graffiti art is almost always anonymous, so your “pleading for attention” theory doesn’t make much sense. And I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s “cowardly”. To me, anonymity raises the social value of art — no pretense or alterior motive in its creation or showcase. Just pure, thought-provoking art.

    Most graffiti artists do not tag over beautiful art. But than again — would the Venus de Milo be as potent an art piece without its history of vandelism and resulting change of shape? Your definition of art sounds bland and limited.

    Finally, it IS a nuisance to the people cleaning up graffiti art. But, considering most nations’ grossly under-funded arts, the cost of municipal cleanup is the price society pays for an otherwise free and accessible artform.

    If you are still unconvinced of graffiti art’s value, consider this: this particular piece prompted you to write a rather emotionally fueled response! In turn, I responded to you. This art piece created a dialogue between us, that cntributes to an ongoing social fabric. We have both contributed to something that, without this piece of art, we would otherwise not have done.

  4. You may have not intended to do so, but I think you give birth to managed to express the state of thinker that a tons of people are in. The sense of inadequate to help, but not knowing how or where, is something a all of us are going through.

  5. The splashed on colors were grand! Why would the city waste resources on something that someone has an interest in caring for? In fact, getting with the program, if something offensive popped up, publicly invite the artist to “fix” it.

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