14 thoughts on “Hot New Street Artist Deeq-Fore”

  1. I have been following this site for awhile and this posting really doesn’t belong on here. This isn’t improve this is defacement of public property including, as shown in the video, other people’s art. Pranks and causing a scene are one thing, but this is permanent damage that will cost the city money to fix.

  2. “We’re all penis – and we all came from God.” Rad.

    I don’t know what’s funnier – the video or the comment from the genius who totally doesn’t get it. Carry on with your fabulosity.

  3. This is stupid. Not funny and not art.

    next thing you will post a guy urinating in the middle of times square as art.

    The guy doesn’t even know how to draw the only one object he is attempting to.
    Grow up, you are not in 7th grade anymore.

  4. Listen your goin to get arrested once!!! and when your in the bookkings you will realize that its not worth goin to jail for drawing a penis so shut up youra poser your goin out doing this will last for this summer thas about it!!!! i bet everything!!!!! so give up now and save your self the embarrassment of going to bookings and telling real criminals what your in for

  5. Drawing penises on advertisements seems OK, not particularly interesting, but mildly subversive for the junior-league set.

    However, drawing on artwork that someone else painted, makes his endeavors seem pointless and puerile. He should quit while he is ahead (pun intended).

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