Kenny Strasser, Yo-Yo Master

Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser, a self-proclaimed “Yo-Yo Master,” has been showcasing his skills on morning shows across the midwest. The only problem is that he’s terrible at yo-yo tricks. This yo-yo hoaxster has proved once again that there’s a pretty flimsy screening process for morning talk show guests.

via deadspin.

6 thoughts on “Kenny Strasser, Yo-Yo Master”

  1. omg this is amazing! thanks for posting
    i haven’t seen anything this funny in years

  2. This one requires a good old “LOL” – and then the question: How does he do it without breaking into laughter?! This is obviously a well-performed hoax 🙂 My deepest respect to the man with none or little muscle memory: K-Strass!

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