4 thoughts on “Pranking the Westboro Baptist Church in San Francisco”

  1. 1) Why were they picketing twitter? (Of course, this implies the need for a logical reason to do what they do… so I suppose this is a moot point)
    2) I {heart} the orange sign that just says “broccoli”

  2. I think Fred Phelps is simply the most epic troll alive.

    By taking the most absurd, extreme position possible, he is actually attempting to build support for the opposite position.

    Americans tend to think in very black-and-white terms. If they are offended at the phrase “God hates fags,” they will probably decide they side with gay rights.

    Epic troll is epic.

  3. Wow, this gave me the serious shivers. People are a-one freakin’ nutso, i tell ya.

    “Build Prisons on the Moon” was pretty great. 🙂

  4. The sign guy in Key West infuriates me. But that just lets him win by ruining my day. Have to grin though when I give him the middle finger. I slow down look at him smile start with a thumbs up then the bird comes flying out of control. Hate is not free speech in my opinion.

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