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Homeless Polar Bears

Back in July we told you about Mark Jenkins’ Golden Ass project where he tricked folks into thinking his gold horse sculpture was a human statue. Jenkins’ latest work was a collaboration with Green Peace. He put several “Homeless Polar Bears” in public places around Washington DC.

Jenkins told Boing Boing:

We made a series of human-like homeless polar bears and installed them around DC to get people to think about the issue (of melting arctic ice) with more empathy. it seemed people liked them a lot and took pictures of their kids in front of them, etc. but most were removed pretty quickly by the authorities. the last image is one that was met with ill-fate after being deemed a “suspicious package.” so the whole thing ended up have a touch of irony to it when compared to the actual situation.

Mark Jenkin’s project page

[via Boing Boing]


Our friend Ji Lee, he of The Bubble Project, sent us his latest, sure to be controversial project:

In the time of environmental urgency, catastrophic wars, soaring gas prices and economic gloom, can there be a car more senseless, stupid and offensive than Hummer? When someone drives a Hummer, it’s like saying: “HEY, LOOK AT MY TOOL. AND BTW, I’M RICH AND FUCK YOU AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT!” So, here’s a small way to get back at them:

Introducing the all-new Dummer. The next time you see a Hummer, tag the logo and turn it into a Dummer.

A project by Ji Lee, Andrew Wilcox and Nelly Ma