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Fake Soccer Game


Here’s an oldie but a goodie we found over at The Art of the Prank:

In September 2004, Mexican artist Miguel Calderón secretly placed a TV set in a bar in Sao Paulo (Brazil). At a certain moment, an unannounced soccer match showed up in the screen. Mexico was playing against Brazil. Bar customers, who had no idea about the match, thought that somehow they missed the news. People started watching the match. Brazil lost 17-0.

It was all staged. Calderón had carefully re-edited various past games between both teams in order to create something completely impossible. The piece was shown as part of the Sao Paulo Art Biennal.

Fake Fast Food Job Applications


Our friend Rob Cockerham recently organized an awesome nation-wide prank where pranksters replaced fast food job application pads with the ridiculous fake pads he made. The funniest part of the prank is definitely the application itself, which Rob did an excellent job writing. Check out his site to see how he pulled it off and to read the hilarious questions he included. The Fast Food Job Application Prank at Cockeyed.

I was one of the dozen volunteers who helped spread the applications to fast food joints across the country. Check out the documentation of my personal conquest.

Celebrity for a Night

BostonSOS sent word of their latest mission, Celebrity for a Night. The group went out to a posh Boston bar, picked a random stranger, and then had agent after agent approach him thinking he was “David Mansfield” a fictitious celebrity who they claimed was a star on the NBC soap opera Passions. His “fans” bought him free drinks and asked for autographs. Eventually the random dude started playing along and other people in the bar bought into it. Seems like a mash-up of sorts of Improv Everywhere’s Ted’s Birthday and Ben Folds missions.

Check out their full report.