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Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

This video is incredible. One guy dances a silly dance with people all over the world.

via Laughing Squid:

In 2006 video game developer Matt Harding took a 6 month trip traveling to 39 countries and made a video of himself dancing at various locations along the way. In 2008 Matt went on a follow-up trip, dancing his way through 42 countries in 14 months, this time inviting people to dance with him. Both of Matt’s trips around the world were sponsored by Stride Gum.

Rocky Visits San Diego

Our friends at Scene Diego have posted their latest mission video.

They write:

41 Agents bring Rocky to San Diego. We dress up in gray sweats, run thru the mall, and across downtown showing true Rocky spirit. Mall security called for “backup”, we stopped a tour trolley in its tracks, and had a couple bystanders join in. While nobody was really sure who these loud, energetic people were, they cheered us on until the finish line.

Upcoming: Mp3 Experiment Geneva

There will be an Mp3 Experiment happening in Geneva, Switzerland next Thursday. The event is being organized by a local group. See the Geneva Mp3 Games site for more details (helpful if you speak French!)

The Mp3 Experiment was created by Improv Everywhere in 2004. There have been four installments so far in New York, with a fifth planned for later this year.

The Mp3 Experiment Four
The Mp3 Experiment III
The Mp3 Experiment 2.0
The Mp3 Experiment

Depressed ATM

Artist Bob Snead built a talking ATM which he installs without authorization in public places. He writes:

I took ATM out on the town for several different occasions to all of the typical suburban shopping centers around New Haven, CT and Boston, MA. So this video cuts from suburbaneers’ view, ATM’s view, and a spy view.

I got a ticket from the 5-0h for these “performances”! When we were removing the ATM from the Target parking lot, there were several 9-11 calls made. Apparently people thought we were stealing an ATM. They didn’t realize we were saving him. I think he would have committed suicide had we not been there.