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Sarah Palin Mob in NYC Tonight

We just got notice of a Sarah Palin gathering happening tonight in Union Square in NYC:

Presenting the 1st ever “SARAH PALIN EXPERIMENT and PAGEANT.” Let’s see how
many Sarah Palin’s will fit in UNION SQUARE!

Knowing that 75% of us ladies (and perhaps a few fellas) will be appearing as potential VP candidate Sarah Palin for Halloween, we’ll all unite in honor and celebration of a true MAVERICK – mother, governor and part-time huntress by MEETING AT…

UNION SQUARE (14th Street and University – north side of street)
October 31, 2008. 10pm

Part picnic. Part meet-n-greet. Instruments encouraged. And bring the rest of the Palin-gang if you can! Bristol! Todd! Trig! See and be seen. Stop by after the parade!!

*If you know ANYONE going as Sarah Palin – PASS THIS ALONG TO THEM!!*

Banksy in New York

Wooster Collective posted the details of Banksy’s new show in New York, running until the end of the month in the West Village. He’s converted a 7th Avenue shop space into the “Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill.” Inside is a very bizarre collection of frozen food animals and animantronics. The show is open to the public from 10 AM to Midnight every day. If you’re not in the city and can’t see it in person, check out Wooster’s photos and video.

While Banksy was in town he hilariously tagged two phone booths (above.)

Prototype 161 NYC Event on 10/31

Remember the Sea of Glass paperweight we mentioned the other week? Well today I got something new in the mail that explains it all. Prototype 161, the new Alternate Reality Game masterminds in New York, are staging their next event on Halloween. Someone from the group sent me a letter announcing the new event. I scanned it and uploaded it here. Also in the envelope was a USB key containing a PDF of the image above. There must be a clue in their somewhere. Fun!

The event costs $40 (someone’s got to pay for all these crazy mailings!) but there’s a discount code in the letter that anyone who reads this blog can use for 20% off. So while not free, it sounds like a really fun Halloween night in NYC if you’re into the whole run around the city on a crazy mission solving puzzles type thing.

Useless Bucks

Taking inspiration from Abbie Hoffman’s legendary stock exchange prank, our friend Joey Skaggs posted this call to action last week on his blog The Art of the Prank:

Calling All Pranksters (and non-pranksters too)!

Greed, dishonesty, government deregulation and lack of oversight got us into the largest global financial crisis since the Depression. Express your outrage at having to bail out the bastards while they pass the buck! Print these “Useless Bucks” and put them in circulation. In other words, Pass the Buck… back. Take them to your financial and banking districts and give them away; Toss them from high places; Place them on those nearly useless ATM machines; Start your own bail-out program by giving six useless hundred dollar bills to all your friends. Do anything you want with them, just don’t try to spend them!! They’re useless.

Download the template and get involved: “Useless Bucks”

NYC Big Wheel Race & Cruel DC

There are a couple of cool events happening Saturday.

The first was sent to us by our friends at Newmindspace.

Zombie Unicorn presents (with a little help from Newmindspace): NYC GREAT BIG WHEEL RACE 2008!

Bring your big wheel, trike, skateboard, velocipede, or handmade contraption on wheels along with your superhero costume to race down the Great Hill in Central Park against the greatest big wheelers in town.

You’ll need a helmet and other protective gear. Your vehicle’s seat must, at its lowest point, be lower than 12 inches. That’s low. Wheel size is open. Rubber wheels are strongly discouraged.

Free registration for racing: e-mail flopaint (at) Spectators more than welcome. Standard big wheels are available at indy toy stores & big box retail stores and odder wheeled units are probably available on trash day on your corner.

Meet up at Central Park Drive at 103rd St. on the East side. We’ll take a walk through and then the main event.

Prizes for most original vehicle, costume and 4th place finisher.

NYC Big Wheel Race
Central Park Great Hill (W 103 St. + Central Park W)
Saturday, October 18th 2008 @ 2pm – 4pm
Rain or shine. Free and all ages!

Also happening Saturday: a group in Washington DC is hosting a game of Cruel 2 B Kind, Jane McGonigal‘s game of “benevolent assassination.” More info: Cruel DC

Art in Odd Places

There will be a steady stream of creativity on 14th Street in New York City for the entire month of October as Art in Odd Places presents Pedestrian:

In October 2008, the fourth annual AiOP will present Pedestrian on 14th Street, Manhattan – the great divider between uptown/downtown and highbrow/lowbrow. From the East River to the Hudson River, artists of all mediums will encourage the masses of daily pedestrians to rediscover this corridor of diverse commerce, including Union Square, historical site of social and political activism. Projects will explore connections between public spaces, pedestrian traffic, and ephemeral transient disruptions. Like a scavenger hunt, New Yorkers will use a map to discover art in unexpected places along this amazing street.

Check out the AiOP website for photos and descriptions of all the projects planned, including Yvette Helin’s “Pedestrian Project” pictured above.

Ferris Bueller Parade Back On in NYC

You may remember last month when we sent out a note about a planned Ferris Bueller Parade reenactment at the Deitch Art Parade in Soho. Sadly the whole Art Parade was canceled due to rain. But the organizers of the Ferris stunt just informed us they’re going to give it another shot at this year’s Halloween Parade in the Village:

With hurricane season now safely behind us, we are delighted to inform you that Project Bueller is back on in full force. Provided there are no tornadoes, dust storms, or shifting tectonic plates, artist duo Mina Karimi and Kara Suhey are now recreating the parade scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the Greenwich Village Halloween parade.

Project Bueller 2.0 is going to be much larger than originally planned. We are now looking to recruit at least 2000 secret agents to capture the spirit of the scene along the parade’s 20 block path.

(Adherence to the 80’s business casual dress code is optional as long as you make up for it with studied 1986 dance moves and unrestrained vocal enthusiasm.)

1) Email to participate.

2) Check out for developing details and entertainment.

3) Be excellent to each other.

Mina & Kara

In other NY news, has anyone else heard of Sea of Glass? A mysterious package arrived at the Urban Prankster office yesterday. Someone is up to something here in the city.


This just in from our friend James Cobalt at Boston SOS:

MP3-EXP is an MP3 Experiment style audio track that can be launched by anyone, anywhere, anytime people are willing to come together. Created by specifically for Urban Prankster groups outside the official Improv Everywhere Mp3 Experiment Tour, the nearly hour long track allows pranksters everywhere to get in on a bit of the fun. After a successful test run, the first large scale MP3-EXPerience will be in Boston this Saturday at 3:00 PM at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. All the details on this Saturday’s run as well as how to get it going in your own town/school/church/commune can be found here.

In other Mp3 news, we just put up an official Facebook event for the NYC experiment. RSVP now!

We’ll put up events soon for the other 3 cities as we get the details nailed down.

Mp3 Experiment Tour Dates Confirmed

the mp3 experiment four

Details are starting to come together for Improv Everywhere’s upcoming Mp3 Experiment Tour. The tour has now expanded to include Toronto. Note the new date for Chicago.

Tour dates:

The Mp3 Experiment 5: New York City
Saturday, September 27 at 3:15 PM at Governor’s Island [directions]

The Mp3 Experiment Toronto
Sunday, September 28 at 2:00 PM at Riverdale Park

The Mp3 Experiment San Francisco
Saturday, October 4 (time and location TBA)

The Mp3 Experiment Chicago
Sunday, October 5 (time and location TBA)

Complete instructions for each city will be online next week.

Mp3 Experiment: NYC, Chicago, SF

The date of Improv Everywhere’s annual Mp3 Experiment has been announced. New York City will be hosting its fifth annual event and the fun is touring this year to Chicago and San Francisco. For now only the dates have been released, but more information will be released the week of September 15.

9/27 – NYC (Governor’s Island)
9/28 – Chicago (Location TBA)
10/4 – San Francisco (Location TBA)**

Mp3 Experiment 5 – Save The Date at Improv Everywhere

**Chicago date may change. More info soon. We also may add one more city to the tour!