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Red Arrow Project


At last weekend’s Art Under the Bridge Festival in Brooklyn, artists Jennifer Fisher and Christian Cerrito launched their Red Arrow Project. The project consisted of several floating cursor kites (which were tied to weather balloons) pointing at random locations and encouraging people to be mindful of things they normally might not look at.

Fisher and Cerrito’s floating red arrows may provide some competition with New York’s long-running Yellow Arrow Project.

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Sky Orchestra

(the fun starts at :13)

We’ve recently discovered a very awesome project by UK artist Luke Jerram called Sky Orchestra. Jerram attaches very loud speakers to 7 hot air balloons and then sends them up to hover above a city. Each speaker plays a certain part of a song composed by Dan Jones, creating surround sound in the sky! It’s sort of like a hot air balloon version of Zaireeka. The project has been going on since 2003. The above video is from Switzerland in 2005. Here’s one more video from the Sydney version in 2007.

Balloon-Based Street Art

balloon street art

Brooklyn artist D.Billy has created several site-specific installations around the city using balloons as his primary medium.

He writes:

Using colorful media such as twisting balloons, party streamers, and artist tape, I have begun to add visual representations of sound effects to public spaces as a sort of dimensional graffiti. After embellishing the found scenes and photographing the results, I leave my additions in place to engage passers-by for as long as the materials hold up. For me, this process encourages a reexamination of surroundings and objects that are usually taken for granted, and injects a hint of the fantastical surreality that I have established in my other work.

Or, at the very least, I hope someone thinks these things are kind of funny.

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