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Celebrity for a Night

BostonSOS sent word of their latest mission, Celebrity for a Night. The group went out to a posh Boston bar, picked a random stranger, and then had agent after agent approach him thinking he was “David Mansfield” a fictitious celebrity who they claimed was a star on the NBC soap opera Passions. His “fans” bought him free drinks and asked for autographs. Eventually the random dude started playing along and other people in the bar bought into it. Seems like a mash-up of sorts of Improv Everywhere’s Ted’s Birthday and Ben Folds missions.

Check out their full report.


This just in from our friend James Cobalt at Boston SOS:

MP3-EXP is an MP3 Experiment style audio track that can be launched by anyone, anywhere, anytime people are willing to come together. Created by BostonSOS.org specifically for Urban Prankster groups outside the official Improv Everywhere Mp3 Experiment Tour, the nearly hour long track allows pranksters everywhere to get in on a bit of the fun. After a successful test run, the first large scale MP3-EXPerience will be in Boston this Saturday at 3:00 PM at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. All the details on this Saturday’s run as well as how to get it going in your own town/school/church/commune can be found here.

In other Mp3 news, we just put up an official Facebook event for the NYC experiment. RSVP now!

We’ll put up events soon for the other 3 cities as we get the details nailed down.