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Free Bouncy Rides


Free Bouncy Rides is a new project from the group Club Animals has been staging in subway cars and platforms. In the description for the project the group simply states, “This is a free public service.”

Elsewhere on their site they add:

Club Animals (Est. 2008) is a regression from adulthood. Obama said that now is the time to put off childish things, but we could not disagree more. In these times of job loss, government bailouts, and even a potential Depression, Club Animals has turned from adult concerns of money and finances and concentrated our minds on to those of children. Can you think back to a time when you didn’t care how much money you had in your pocket? Can you remember a time when you just wanted to play? Club Animals has embraced childhood, and the time when what was valued most was fun, horseplay, and experimentation without worrying about “reality.”